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Our Thriving Desires.

I just finished watching a music video -Ren Money Game Part 3 - I have no clue how or why but it showed up on my YouTube recommendations. I knew I was over indulging in TV at the time but I couldn't click away until I watched it - like it was calling me almost.

Reflecting on it, I realized so many people have beautiful gifts in them. Gifts that they can be nourished from and thrive on, by their own definitions. But it's when we live a life with someone else's voice, someone else's "thrive definition" that we pause our ability to discover our own definition.

If someone could intervene, to pull out our thoughts that bring unalignment, then I believe self awareness is capable for them. And perhaps it's not someone else that intervenes, perhaps that "someone else," and most likely that "someone else" will be ourselves. Questioning our own reality; and for that, is a good thing. For then you can press play or even fast-forward to your true thriving desires.

Everything we desire is just on the other side of our limiting belief's. To see someone restrict themselves because of their conditioning truly is a loss, for they are not sharing their gifts with the world. They are merely puppets of what they were taught. Worst of all, their marionette-like selves will continue to take action, even if it is unaligned, even if it doesn't feel right, even if it makes them feel sick. Why? Because they haven't allowed themselves to be inspired by their own self-awareness.

To be blind to what's going on around us is to be deaf to our own knowing, our truth, our intuition. I want to see, I want to hear, I want to feel. I desire to be me, the one who has reached full alignment at each evolving moment, the one whose potential is constantly being reached.

I believe we are all capable. I believe, no matter the circumstances, we can rise. But it's for those, not who may not know HOW, but for those who are willing to try and try again to figure it out.

Who is our most capable self? What does she look like? Think like? Dress like? How must our identities shift to obtain this new self?

Is it selfish to become this version of ourselves? I think not. I think its the most selfless thing we can do in our lifetime. By living in our thriving desires, we shine a light that only we can shine. After such, then there will be those who will be able to see from their blind eyes by virtue of the brightness only we provide.

How magical is that? To know, immediately, that our voices matter. That we have a purpose.

We just need to listen for it.


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