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I finalized/ selected my word for 2024. Capacity. I realized while this year I have been the most productive- I am going at pace with my abilities- I am not going at pace with my capacity. For its my abilities that say what "I Can and can't do in a moment.", but it's my capacity that says what "I can do in my lifetime". I am not living at my current capacity. I have been living to my abilities. When we are in 3rd grade, we don't tell a kid to stop learning because they can speak in sentences and add. No! We say keep learning, keep exploring. Why is it different when we turn 30, or 47, or 23, or 81- when we've said we've learned enough, and done enough? For all that we have in this world is time. Time to learn and grow and expand and evolve. We are in this world to pass down our wisdom to the next generation. Our species hasn't learned to be immortal, so what does it do instead to 'live forever?'- pass down knowledge. We all have the ability to increase our capacity. We only use 10% of our brains. What would it look like if we tried for 11%? There is so much more. There is so much more than the mundane. Think. Feel. Be. There's so much!


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