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Choosing our Influences.

There are so many influences in life; from others, from the environment, from our surroundings, even from our own selves. I believe the more aligned you live, the more you are aware of those influences. For someone who wants to be a ballerina, they don't surround themselves with wrestlers (metaphorically speaking). We want to be a financially successful business owner who prioritizes their health (physical, mental, spiritual), then why do we expect for this to occur when we surround ourselves with that of anything other than?

You have the power to choose, or to un-choose your influences. You are, influenced, so why not take your power back, intentionally?

A flower is of its own accord, yet it is influenced by the sun, the rain, the soil, the bees, and the bugs. One may say it had no control, but think deeper. Each flower, time over time, evolves to take control of the environment. It chooses. It may grow deeper roots, it may produce a fuller bloom, it may produce a chemical when it is being eaten.

Just like a flower adapts to its environment, we should to. And the best part, as humans, we don't have to wait for generations to make those changes. As we get closer to that next version of ourselves, we have this cleansing sensation. We know we can't be our fullest self while still taking action on our old selves. We can't be someone who chooses our health, while also consuming unaligned social media content.

Why? Because our brain will be in direct conflict with itself. Should it choose your future self or your past self? All awhile your present self is suffering so much because of your inability; rather, your lack of action with choosing your influences, choosing to what we take in to our lives.

You yourself, through your action or non-action, is watching. Asking itself, "did I do what I said I would do? Am I taking action on what I said is important to me? Have I been cleansing my brain of any unaligned thoughts?"

You are watching you. Do you like what you see?


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