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Are you a dog or the owner?

Age is a silly thing. On one side it's simply a fact- how long you've been breathing. And on the other hand, a construct that puts people in boxes and so many assumptions are made before you get to know people. When I was in middle school, I thought those who were older than me were smarter than me- that they had more opportunities. Now, through experience, I base people's "mental age" based on their ability to manage their minds. How self-aware are they? What type of limiting beliefs are you willing to allow yourself to be held back by? I realize that so many of us unknowingly suffer from our own doings. For it's our mind that limits us, expands us, evolves us. We are the masters, if we choose to be, of our minds. But so many of us allow the primitive, unevolved part of our brain to take the reigns. I like the visualization of us walking a dog. We've all seen the difference between the owner walking their dog, and the dog walking their owner. One is walking side by side, a mutual knowing and understanding that they are a team, a joint unit- and then the other- the dog unable to step into their potential, held back by the owner, and the owner being dragged by the dog, pulling with a lot of strength to resemble some sort of idealized control. Both not getting what they desire, blaming the other person (or dog) for their inability to enjoy the walk. Do you have an understanding of your brain, or are you being pulled each way by it, shouting out to remind it who 'really is in charge?' We start walking side by side when we work together. Communicate, train, and practice.


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